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  • Angelo Alessio

    Angelo Alessio

  • Nick Tomaino

    Nick Tomaino

    Founder @1confirmation

  • Vijay Boyapati

    Vijay Boyapati

    Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito

  • Eli Dourado

    Eli Dourado

    Senior research fellow at the Center for Growth and Opportunity

  • David Sacks

    David Sacks

    General Partner and Co-Founder of Craft Ventures. Previously: Founder/CEO of Yammer. Original COO of PayPal.

  • Saira Ashraf

    Saira Ashraf

  • Benjamin Anderson

    Benjamin Anderson

    I am a disciple of experience. I’ve done many things in my pursuit of novelty, the constant in this pursuit being my direction, which is always forward.

  • Max Frenzel, PhD

    Max Frenzel, PhD

    AI Researcher, Writer, Digital Creative. Passionate about helping you build your rest ethic. Author of the international bestseller Time Off. www.maxfrenzel.com

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