• Scott Rocher

    Scott Rocher

    Product at @modernhealthco | Past: @itscalledcactus, @stitchfix, @bluebottleroast, @tonxcoffee, and @yahoo. http://scottrocher.com

  • Goo


  • Missguided Manifestor

    Missguided Manifestor

    An aspiring Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur, and Writer.

  • Joey Kirk

    Joey Kirk

    Co-founder of @MadebyMunsters

  • Andrew Fox

    Andrew Fox

  • Gavin Matthews

    Gavin Matthews

    https://t.co/aCA1jfjuVz Former @rapgenius and @tidallabs. Business Person. Gym rat. Я говорю! gavindmatthews@gmail [dot] com

  • Seung Lim

    Seung Lim

  • Bruno Costa

    Bruno Costa

    hacker by trade, hustler by nature • prev: BABOOM, Grand Startup Tour TV & Porto Startup Coffee

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